What We Offer

While engineering, environmental and contracting companies each offer a fractional service, Submar does it all. We identify erosion problems and manufacture, distribute, construct and monitor solutions. Submar offers a complete turnkey operation—from our initial survey to ensuring and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Submar’s wide selection of erosion control products and turnkey services can be utilized for purposes such as pipeline protection, erosion control, shoreline stabilization, flood defense and more. Our engineered and self-mitigating systems combine proven erosion control technology and green design applications, providing our customers with a wide variety of solutions that will not harm the environment.

Unlike rock riprap and grout bags, the Submar Solution is versatile. It is easily removed for asset maintenance, adapts to changes in bed elevation and channel geometry over time, and causes minimal disturbance to the environment. The Submar Solution is authorized by USACE’s Regulatory Division under the Nationwide Permit Program and allows for revegetation and blending within the natural riparian corridor.


Site Evaluation and Design Engineering

A typical construction project begins with a complimentary site visit from a regional Submar representative to perform a field survey, which is used to produce scale drawings of existing conditions. Applying Fluvial Geomorphology concepts, our Engineering Department will propose a product layout specific to the project’s needs, which will be depicted in our proposal. Submar’s complimentary turnkey proposals include a site description, failure analysis, drawings of the proposed product placement, scope of work and a quote for the construction costs.

Regulatory and Permitting Assistance

Our complimentary proposals include detailed information on the anticipated permitting requirements for our design-engineered solution and our recommendations for efficiently approaching the appropriate regulatory bodies.


Quality materials, on-time delivery and a qualified crew are the hallmarks of a Submar construction project. Submar is proud of the excellent job site safety record we have maintained as a result of our crew members’ adherence to their operator qualification training.

Submar follows best management practices. For instance, when a construction project reaches completion, Submar’s crew restores all disturbed areas of the job site before departing.

A standard Submar scope of work for a construction project includes the following steps:

  • Obtain permits
  • Best management practices
  • Access site
  • Dewater site
  • Grade site
  • Anchor trenches
  • Install concrete mattress system
  • Install Longitudinal Peaked Stone Toe Protection (LPSTP)
  • Clean-up


Submar offers the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the erosion control industry. Our warranty applies to the whole project—not just the product, but the site as well. In addition, we conduct regular performance assessment visits to ensure the project remains compliant with regulatory requirements.

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