Feature Overview

Below are just a few reasons to use Submar West Africa products and services.

  • Easily transported along the West Coast of Africa on barges
  • Easily stored by stacking
  • Reusable. In some situations, where they have not become an integral part of the environment, the mats can be moved and stored for future use
  • Loops on mats allow for easily connecting mats or anchoring
  • Individual blocks can be removed, allowing larger vegetation plantings, with compromising the integrity of the mat (talk to us first, please)
  • Mat design allows for water to drain through in both directions, reducing hydrostatic pressures
  • Can be supplied with Submar’s patented Non-Shielding, Non-Abrasive pads
  • Ultra violet (UV) stabilized copolymer extruded fibre rope – extremely durable and will not rust
  • ASTM rated materials
  • Easily installed by Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), divers using a handling frame or Submar’s patented extreme deep water mechanical handling frame
  • Allows for self-silting and adds to the underwater environment (home for undersea wildlife)
  • By combining mat thicknesses, can meet requirements for pipe separation
  • Weight keeps pipes or other structures in place and stable
  • Grade preparation time and costs are reduced due to the flexible properties of the mats
  • In many cases, the mats become an integral part of the environment, blending in and enhancing both the stability of the area and allowing for vegetation to gain a foothold
  • We can provide engineering expertise to aide you with your project and work with your team on finding the best Submar West Africa product for the job
  • Geo-textile fabrics can be used to further stop soil migration
  • Standardized Sizes / Field Adjustable
  • Reusable & Durable, Lace-able, Economical, Lifting straps on all 4 sides
  • Inventoried

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