There is no more complete protection available on today’s market for your offshore fiber optic and/or communication cables than Submar’s Offshore Pipeline Mats and Patented Non-Shielding, Non-Abrasive Pads.

In fact, the results of an independent crash test study performed by a major oil & gas operator proved that Submar’s Offshore Pipeline Mats can absorb an average of 4.4 kJ.

Submar’s Offshore Pipeline Mats and our Patented Non-Shielding, Non-Abrasive Pads work together to protect cables and communication lines crossing from land to water from San Francisco Bay to the Hudson River in New York.

 Most Widely Used Offshore Communication Products

  • Submar Offshore Pipeline Mats
  • Patented Non-Shielding, Non-Abrasive Pads
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  • Protection for Offshore Cables


  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Re-vegetates & Supports Wildlife
  • Causes Minimal Disturbance to Surrounding Environment
  • Blends with Natural Riparian Corridors
  • Reposition’s with Changes in Flow Patterns

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