Safety Matters to Submar West Africa

Nothing is more important to Submar than safety. Our philosophy is that if it cannot be done safely, it should not be done at all.

For this reason, all Submar products are made with high quality materials, and we perform safety testing on our leasable installation equipment every six months. Submar is happy to provide quality control and certified safety-testing documentation in support of our commitment to safety and quality.

Operator Qualification

Submar’s philosophy of safety is not limited to products and equipment; it also extends to our employees.

Submar employees undergo extensive training, and our crews are fully qualified to work on any site, which ensures the best possible results for our clients.

Submar Operators Are Qualified to Perform the Following Common Tasks

  • Excavating Loaded Pipeline
  • Damage Prevention (Observing Excavating)
  • Protecting Coating When Backfilling
  • Controlling ROW Erosion
  • Examining of Exposed Pipelines
  • Repairing Pipeline Coating
  • Inspecting Exposed Piping for Minor Maintenance
  • Applying Approved Coatings to Below Ground Piping
  • Applying Approved Coatings to Above Ground Piping
  • Inspecting Coating Applications
  • Locating & Installing Temporary Marking
  • Locating & Marking Submerged Pipeline
  • Placing & Maintaining Line Markers
  • Performing and/or Observing Leak Surveys & Patrols
  • Providing Security for Pipeline Facilities

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